The influence of education in the changing situation is drastically seen in almost all walks of life. To survive in the present world every one needs to place themselves somewhere high. Our R&D team is constantly analyzing new and potential areas and had always evolved many novel products and applications. Test Glider is one such innovation which features all the requirements. Test Glider is a versatile test management application on intranet/web. Educational institutions can conduct online test in this multilingual application. Even though the product is mainly targeted at the educational institutions, corporate firms can use this application for preparing interview question banks, conducting written tests and immediate score generation. It is a portfolio of solutions benefiting the users in many ways. The employer can test the employee who is in the other part of the world. The assessment is cost effective with minimal effort, saves time and immediate result oriented.


       Education, Recruitment.

Technology Used

       Enterprise Java Beans and Jsp


       Weblogic and Oracle.

Key Features
  • Question and Answer preparation.
  • Live tests with random questions from question bank.
  • Time setting for answering.
  • Negative score for wrong answers
  • Reports of candidates
  • Answering in one language, report analysis can be in another language.
  • Comparative Analysis.