Oracle 23ai

For businesses seeking dynamic and innovative applications, Oracle has unveiled Oracle 23ai. This advanced AI implementation is set to revolutionize next-generation business logic, offering unprecedented capabilities and efficiencies.

Power BI Java SDK

Microsoft Azure has released a dedicated SDK for Java, enabling seamless integration of Power BI reporting within Java applications.

iDempiere Synergy ERP

Experience unprecedented efficiency and flexibility with iDempiere's Synergy package, designed to meet the evolving needs of modern enterprises. Embrace the future of enterprise resource planning with our cutting-edge solutions.


Science and technology has demanded an accelerating growth in the past decades. Today’s competing business environment highly demands implementing applications that can influence enterprise systems to, at the other end, petite application like mobile devices. The stable, seamless operations of Java technology proved that it is the ultimate language for enterprise to tiny applications. The write once, run anywhere keyword makes Java roar against other technologies. Now, nothing is impossible with Java. Keeping in mind its versatility, portability and efficiency, Telious Technologies have chosen Java alone as the base technology for all its developments.


 Java do not care where it runs, whether it is high end server, a small palm top, a mobile or inside a refrigerator. You can write software on one platform and run it on virtually any other platform .This is possible through the java runtime environment which understands the byte code of Java.. Java code is the most simpler and easiest technology to develop and maintain due to its well written format and easily identifiable blocks. Reusability is the another hungry filling aspect of Java. Clients, service providers and developers saves time and effort and they need not to reinvent the wheel every time. Developers feel Java as the beautiful language ever identified.

Companies and Developers and working from all sides of world to add enhancements to these superb technology and one of such very latest technology is

Java FX

Java FX script and Java FX mobile are the first two Java FX releases. Java FX help content providers to create and deploy rich internet applications for the widest variety of clients like mobiles, pda , television etc.
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