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Telious Technologies Pvt Ltd is managed by a group of experts from technical and managerial background and supported by an energetic, experienced java team. You can find the perfect blend of talent, creativity, and synergic ideas in our enthusiastic team of managers, marketing professionals, business analysts, developers, designers, quality analysts and other specialists in the wide domain of skill and knowledge. We have the experienced team always committed with challenging and interesting assignments, driving the company towards its goal.

Eldhose Varghese - Cheif Strategy Officer

He is the true motivator for Telious Technologies who has vast experience in management and technology. He is responsible for leading all strategic decisions of the organization.

Dr Jainy Kuriakose - CEO & CTO

With a decade of experience in engineering and management , her vision and hardwork has resulted in the success of many project implementations for corporate customers around the globe. She coordinates the management and technical operations at Telious Technologies.

Mathew J. Kuruvilla - CMO
(Chief Marketing Officer)

An expert in marketing with strong base in computer engineering, he handles all the business operations at Telious Technologies.

Manoj Ayyappan - Chief Products Planning Officer

Manoj Ayyappan, a leader with innovative ideas handles product development activities at Telious Technologies. With his strong leadership quality, Telious has its name known to the outer world

Thomas Joseph - Chief Operating Officer

With over years of experience in management and system administration, Thomas is now responsible for entire project operations and co-ordination at Telious Technologies

Seema Varghese - Projects Planning Officer

A brilliant Java programmer with excellent planning skills and committed dedication has resulted in long term relationships with our clients. She is handling various projects through guiding and coordinating the excellent team of developers.

Jestin Jacob - System Administration Officer

Jestin, helpful and friendly, well acquainted with most of the computing devices and major platforms , lead the team that monitor several onsite and offshore servers

Jini MR - Projects Delivery Officer

Being a systematic person, she involves in decision making, monitors project progress she is responsible for project delivery at Telious Technologies

Geomon T S - Lead Design Officer

A meticulous person, who presents our solutions with the right look and feel, with the right touch of style and perfection. An artist by birth, he leads the team of designers