Supply Soft​


Customer service management is becoming vitally important in the competing business world to maintain strong customer relationships. Suppliers at the same time form another important factor to the success of the organization. Many companies have identified the importance of maintaining healthy relationships with the suppliers to exploit the maximum benefits of product procurement, supply and distribution. Telious through continuous and dedicated team work has come up with Supply Soft, supplier and customer management system. Supply Soft is an online system to manage customer enquiries, suppliers, inventory control, invoicing etc. This software is widely used in marine industry and other trading companies for supply management.



Technology Used

      Swing , Jsp


      Jboss and Mysql.

Key Features
  • Customer Requirement and Supplier Enquiry.
  • Least price auto selection from Supplier Quotation List.
  • Copy past of list from excel.
  • Inventory control.
  • Alert system based on user level.
  • Sales and Purchase returns.
  • Invoicing.