Supply chain management

To ensure and sustain in the business environment, attracting new customers and retaining the existing customers is a key challenge. Supplier relationship management is also as important as customer relationship management.  Streamlining the business process ensures constant growth and better management of the customer /supplier relationship is a cutting edge over competitors.As trade volumes continue to rise, companies always concentrate more on core business and maintaining these trade related activities acquires crucial importance.

Supply chain management, in this scenario offers greatest challenge. SCM is the efficient management of resources like material, money, time, human know-how and information through the entire supply chain to ensure increased profitability, customer satisfaction and there by making a competitive edge over others. A supply chain application finds its way across all the industries as manufacturing, electronics, FMCG, automotive and pharmaceuticals when it comes to deliver products at a low cost and maintaining quality at the same time over competitors. An effective supply chain management implementation will reduce the supply chain operational costs, increase customer satisfaction, increase revenue and market share. SCM helps the business focus more on value added activities and outsource the less important work. In modern businesses the importance of supply chain management is exponentially increasing. Most successful organizations have utilized the advantage of SCM applications which enabled the companies to achieve competitive edge through core competencies. Throughout the supply chain, the trust among the partners results in a win-win position.

The mounting significance of ‘global market’ is an important factor where companies recognized the need for SCM related Trade management software. A trade management suite is set to provide a complete solution to automate the end to end process of supply channel activities. The delay in shipment can be avoided. Or it can be notified in a periodic basis. Technology has supported these innovations. We have inclusive upgrade services and technologies that support SCM.

Our supply chain enabled trade management software reinforced with enormous features is better tailored to plan, manage, and trail trade related activities. It helps the manufactures and the sales teams produce more business than concentrating on document building. Streamlined quotation process is the major advantage of a highly effective trading system like ours. A trading management system helps accurate product pricing, invoice management and accounting. Telious has designed the system with a view to automate your trade management process through proper documentation, automation and audition. Afterall a trade management software should reduce the operational costs and risks and reduce the post trade inefficiencies. We promise you the best possible solution through to cope up with the regulatory demands and evolving market trends