Research and Development

In an economy that is fast changing Research & Development has greater significance. Level of competition, product offerings, production methods, and technologies are also rapidly changing. .Product design and development is not the only decisive factor in an organization. Every one needs to constantly explore the market potential and should improvise and innovate their products. A strong Research department ensures customer loyalty and enables you to remain competitive over others. Competitiveness is an essential factor but not sufficient to excel in this rapidly changing economy, you should create new research partnerships. Nowadays the Research and Development spending is increasing exponentially.

We, Telious Technologies, identify the importance of research in today’s business world and are conducting researches in various technological levels. Telious has its R & D department, with a strong R & D  team who coordinates all the research activities through market analysis anticipating the needs of customers and not compromising on customer satisfaction.. Conducting the feasibility study of new products and its implementation, they also involve in developing tools and Java classes which enhance the productivity and performance of systems. All the projects assigned to Telious often involves rigorous research and development in the starting phase. The prototypes developed as per client requirements are given for feedback. This makes an easier choice of decision making to clients, without spending much cost and valuable time. If the client found the prototype as viable, the R & D team passes the prototype for further development to corresponding department. For development improvement, new development support ideas are discussed with developers and packages are built to ease the effort and to increase productivity.

Inspite of developing a variety of innovative software applications we have evolved our own techniques as many custom components and extended packages are built by the Telious’s R&D team over many years.  The Java language itself is having a component based architecture, which supports the R & D activities to avoid the cost and effort for reinventing the wheel every time. And we are having a large collection of custom APIs for Windows, Linux and mobile platforms. For example a class like TelDate which formats the date automatically according to the expected format, TelJComboBox is a class with specific format for font, color, size etc in the CheckBox. TelJScheduler is a personal scheduling application through which developers can integrate their schedules to mailing and attendance system. Like this Telious is having many collections of components and tools which ease the testing and memory profiling and development in many platforms. With our excellent R&D team, Telious can formulate any risks to a favoring environment to clients even from the very basic methods of development to building business enterprise applications.