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Quality Management

Successful functioning of the system is very critical for any software application. Quality management is a procedural and data driven approach to eliminating the defects from the desired target of quality. Industries are often challenged with meeting highest quality standards to deliver the best quality and unique software solutions that reduce costs and now more than ever, increase customer satisfaction .All organizations are supported by softwares directly or indirectly. In the process of software development, the organizations should ensure quality standards in all the steps they do. At the same time organizations that outsource the development should also verify the quality standards of the software through quality management practice. The reliability of the software is an important aspect of software quality. Attracting new customers and retaining them impose great challenge in this business scenario. Quality management is the very efficient strategy for this.

At Telious Technologies, we apply best practices according to industry standards and product assurance disciplines to deliver high quality applications. Proactive in tracking and extenuating risk, our processes are transparent in each stage of development lifecycle. Above all we do rigorous recruitment process to employ and had adopted best employee benefit measures to retain the talented employees. We have adopted the ISO 9001:2008 standards in our development procedures and implemented quality managing and measuring softwares. The quality management starts from the very initial stage, the design and it follows each and every stage till delivery of the product. It depends how well the system analyst identifies the requirement from customer and passes to the project designer. A set of reviews, inspections, tests are performed against actual expectation on each stage from design to development. The feedbacks are transferred to the corresponding design or development department and rectified immediately for the next set of quality measures. The quality tests will be a combination of manual and automated tests which includes unit testing, integration testing , validation testing, and performance testing etc to mention a few.

Above all, the quest of innovation, supreme technical competence and good quality trending and reporting capabilities of our employees have been helping us tracking the risks in all quality issues. The success of our company is because of our quality principles which satisfy our clients consistently for all requirements. Our proactive values- based ethics approach may be viewed in contrast to more reactive "compliance-based" ethics, which takes a legalistic approach in doing the right thing. Our approach results in a culture that expresses positive values and creates a climate which supports ethical and legal decision-making. We at Telious Technologies guarantee the right standards of development and quality deliveries on time.

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