Oracle 23ai

For businesses seeking dynamic and innovative applications, Oracle has unveiled Oracle 23ai. This advanced AI implementation is set to revolutionize next-generation business logic, offering unprecedented capabilities and efficiencies.

Power BI Java SDK

Microsoft Azure has released a dedicated SDK for Java, enabling seamless integration of Power BI reporting within Java applications.

iDempiere Synergy ERP

Experience unprecedented efficiency and flexibility with iDempiere's Synergy package, designed to meet the evolving needs of modern enterprises. Embrace the future of enterprise resource planning with our cutting-edge solutions.

Products should always be designed in such a way that it should be branded to give the enterprises market niche and better earnings .Telious with its internationally competent products has its clients spread over different countries of the world. Telious has a set of globally competent products which are tested and proven through many versions. Even if these products are successfully running in many locations all over the world, our after service keeps our clients in good rap with us and there are many success stories and business rewards for the deployments. We are focusing only on certain business domains and our products are backed by the stable java technologies. The R&D team does market research on the product idea, do simulation tests and the specifications are passed to the development team along with use case and test cases. The use cases clearly describe the behavior of each component and functionalities of each module with validations and test cases describe the tests and behavior in specific environments.

We have launched our latest product from our list, Test Glider, an educational package helping to analyze the position of each individual in any area of focus . This application can be used by educational institutions and companies to conduct online tests with random selection of questions from question bank. This package can be purchased to run in client location to conduct tests and analysis or it can be subscribed for user license by clients. In case of purchase , the application server which is weblogic and database(oracle) will be residing at client location, and in case of subscription, the server and data will be secured by Telious.

Each and every enterprise needs to design their products to position themselves in the field. Telious identified the importance of ‘being there’ and has developed so many novel products and applications with all set standards to serve its customers who are our “word of mouth’ advertising agents. With round the clock support and perfect product blend from our technical team, our software products are true value added systems for companies.