A software development process is the systematic and structured approach to the development of a software product. It is infact, the overall process an organization needs to follow to manage the software project efficiently and as well these processes should be executed in a sequence to ensure the smooth flow of development. In the development cycle, quality and security should not be conciliated at the same time cost effective and time efficient methodologies have to be taken into consideration. Developing large number of software products without meeting the expectations of quality, cost flexibility, and timely delivery, effective process management seems to be missing which is very essential.

In the initial years of software development, the development was limited to few individuals. There creates problems and errors were common, quality was not maintained and it was very difficult to manage the system as it grow. At this point of time, to define the process of development gained its importance. Reliability, effectiveness, maintainability, quality, durability etc became decisive and the software developing organizations began to formulate a well defined software development process for the successful implementation of the project. In software process, the huge size of the software product and the quality and complexity factors demands the disintegration of a project into manageable milestones for the development, testing and management. There are no hardcode rules or procedures for a process adoption. Every company defines or customizes its own set of processes for a successful project management. A clear process approach ensures that no step or activity is forgotten before a delivery or implementation, also it shows a clear direction towards the end product. The advantage of identifying the risks and alleviate the same by consecrating more or less time to the different stages finally contribute to efficient cost and time management

A continually improving and adaptive process is required to incorporate latest challenging and changing requirements. This type of continually improving process model is called Evolutionary process models where the change of requirements and enhancements can be easily incorporated. Incremental model and spiral model are the main evolutionary models. Each of these models has its own impact on the software quality aspects. Identifying the appropriate one could help the organizations identify those underlying factors that meet their quality requirements. Telious has a set of proven evolutionary processes through which we could manage and measure software development progress effectively. With the implementation of disciplined process models we guarantee project delivery in right time backed by quality assurance and better value. Our solid experience in various projects of diverse complexities and scope we are well established to provide you with error free IT solutions that benefit your needs. Cost effective custom programming process features our development schedule for on-time and within budget delivery.