Java OpenSource

Open Source movement is the effort to make software freely available to all for installation, modification and distribution. This movement was true inspiration to many communities and developers, which produced many competent types of software. Linux came into existence absorbing the true spirit which became the common platform for all free softwares. If we analyze today there are more than ten thousand developers around the globe contributing each day for the development of open source technologies. As the source code is freely available, everyone can do their piece of research into that. So open source technologies help the young developers grow, by creating their own new applications. Many big companies like Red Hat, Sun, Oracle, and IBM all started to support the open source technologies. Even the big rival Microsoft also has to participate in the initiative.

Java became the leader on all open source technologies. The powerful, platform independent Java used by many communities and developers to build world class softwares in the form of Web Servers, Application Servers, Operating Systems, Databases and many more. If we consider in the case of Apache Web Server, it is the most widely used web server in the internet. Google Web Toolkit which used for Ajax development, IDEs like Eclipse, NetBeans, RDBMS like Mysql, Postgre sql, Application Servers like Glassfish , Tomcat, JBoss etc are some of widely open source technologies based in Java. Telious Technologies, the java software development firm in India has a near to decade years of experience in handling these open source applications and is the right choice for your application development enabling innovations in