Java Web Application

Internet has challenged all communication channels and studies reveal that internet has expanded faster than any other communication medium in history. More and more people get interested in web applications with the advent of increasing use of internet to communicate with the World Wide Web .A web application is the application which can be accessed with the use of a browser over the internet or intranet .This gush actuated the need of a flexible and powerful internet language for enterprises. Inter-operable and reusable Java components supported the rapid build of java web applications and emerged as the complete tool to fulfill the demand.  Java web applications gained wide acceptance and java frameworks became the standard for enterprise web architecture. The main cause for the acceptance of web applications is that any updation or modification can be done at any point of time without disturbing the software on the client side.

Compared to ordinary web applications a bunch of technology combinations can be used to build a Java Web Application Those include client ware technologies like Ajax, Javascript , frameworks like struts, spring, Java EE. Business layers like Ejb, hibernate, databases or xml web services etc. This mix of combinations enhances the power and flexibility of Java Web Application. Java web applications can be deployed in free application servers like Tomcat, Jboss and Glass fish or other java application servers like Weblogic and Websphere.

A Java web application can be built ample in accordance with any of java framework available. The popular frameworks are JEE (previously J2EE), Struts, Spring, Webwork, Tapestry, JSF, Google Web Toolkit etc and there are available around hundreds of other java frameworks.

These tools definitely help developers to exploit the power of the Java to create object-oriented, custom, n-tier applications. The java web application framework can be chosen based on required deployment time, available development time and supporting tools and servers, APIs and cost of the associated hardwares.

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