HR Management

Efficient and effective management of human resource has become a complex task in every organization. It starts from the very beginning when an employee joins an organization to his retirement. HR management includes tracking the employee data, compensation management, skill assessment and improvement management, recruitment compensation management etc. To reduce the workload of all these manual activities, organizations are now introducing Human Resource Management system. Telious’s HR Management suite can manage entire operations of a company from recruitment requisition to retirement. The system is cost effective, time saving and the enterprise can concentrate on core competency.


   Human Resource Management.

Technology Used

   Swing and Jsp


   Jboss and Mysql.

Key Features
  • Recruitment requisition
  • Interview Report
  • Appointment Approval
  • Appointment Letter
  • Payroll Simulation
  • Pay slip Generation
  • Leave Encashment
  • Deduction – Loan Deduction, Installment Purchase Details, Telephone
  •  Expenses
  • Indemnity Letter
  • Waiver and Discharge
  • Foreign Assignment
  • Inner Circle Travel
  • Transfer Order
  • Ticket Expense
  • Letter Format
  • Bank Letter

   • Document Expiry Report
   • Leave Balance Report
   • Attendance Report
   • Installment Report
   • Loan Report
   • Telephone Expense Report
   • Graduates vs PG vs UG vs Labors Report,
   • Ticket Expense Report
   • Expense Report
   • Nationality Report
   • Grade wise Report
   • Break up of Employee Report
   • Increment Report
   • Passport release and return Report
   • Attendance break up Report
   • Personal details Report
   • Personal details(End of service) Report
   • Extra working day Report
   • Extra working day(pay) Report
   • Balance leave Report