Health Care

Healthcare industry is facing challenges now and then due to technological innovations in health care models and research findings in medical science. The fast growing society and the high standard of life made people more concerned about the health care sector, always looking for better facilities and better services. Managing the information in every sector of medical field, to say hospitals, diagnostic centers, pharmacy and even clinics, has become a hectic job. As the health care industry is evolving into an essential part of the economy, an effective Healthcare Management system is the only possible solution to meet the varied challenges. Telious was able to grow and move forward on these learning curves and technical innovations.

The growth rate of healthcare industry is anticipated to move up in the present economy. Today’s healthcare providers are looking for ways to provide high quality patient service by cutting costs. This is where each healthcare system has its role to play. A unique blend of expertise, cost effective solutions, customary methodologies and attention to customer satisfaction has only benefited the healthcare organizations. Healthcare management systems ultimately help in strategic planning, decision making and quality maintenance.

Healthcare industry domain is one of the specific areas that Telious has right experience and knowledge .We have a dedicated wing of R & D team who analyses the healthcare industry and using their expertise provides IT solutions to your health care domain. With our satisfied customers around the world, we have been successfully implementing new healthcare solutions and services which has been the result of our analysis of medical sector, long term association with the practitioners, reinforced with our efficiency in providing distinct information Technology solutions to many clients. Through our Health care management IT solutions we offer customized health care processes and state -of -the -art health care IT tools.

We are constantly updated to understand your needs to drive efficiency in healthcare and our services have extended to solutions like

• Practice management system
• Clinical patient management system

Practice management solution for the opticians offers superior intelligence tools for managing the practice activities. The system stores patient data enables booking appointment, manages and stores prescription, does order, generates reports and so on. This automated set of activities gives more care to patients and improved practice outcomes.

Clinical patient management system is tailored in such a way as to timely access the patient information in course of treatment process. Highlighting the advantages of clinical patient management system includes registration, prescription, invoice module, reports, lab details etc.

Telious has its consultants with deep knowledge of the healthcare industry bringing about maximum benefit from your business through healthcare solutions. Leveraging our domain knowledge and strategic alliances with leading healthcare experts we deliver scalable and secure solutions to the clients all over the world. Our services are always par with your business goals and operational excellence.