Java Desktop Application

Web applications changed the way how business operates and was a big convenient and reliable way to deliver robust and flexible business solutions to the enterprises. Still, the importance of desktop application cannot be wiped out due to its faster response time, native look and feel, accessibility and the like. Developing custom desktop applications using java is now a days becoming more popular. To a greater extent, it is because the ease of java to run on all operating platforms and the cross platform support has made java accepted by all business enterprises and developers.

Java has made numerous enhancements on desktop programs. Initial package for creating desktop applications was the Java Frames. Frames basically depend on the native components of the operating system. The light weight Java Swing components enhanced the operations of java executables. Swing is an extension of AWT package, which render enhancements to the existing APIs. Swing uses components from its own APIs and the look and feel doesn’t change with the change in operating systems. Another advantage with Swing is that the entire look and feel can be switched to different mode with just a button click through the passing of patterns on the code developed. Remote access of components or applications is possible using Swing through the remote method invocation or through CORBA. Another pro to say, Swing components is that, if required the entire desktop application can be migrated as a web application by only more or less two percent change in the exiting code. For desktop based GUI, Swing uses JFrames and to migrate as a web application a few line of code change to the extension of JApplet is only required. This saves considerable time and effort to developers and a big economic advantage to business. No other language does have this facility of switching desktop applications to web application and vice versa.

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