Database Migration

With the advance of web technology, systems are spanned across the globe. The business logic will be in one location and the data storage will be in another location. These changes prompted for a better database management system with a stable storage. Data migration may be requiring on adoption of a latest business functioning system. Other factors like increase in data volume, performance issues,  porting to open source technologies all these tempt for a database migration to companies. Previous data management systems were not that much effective for faster search and business logic implementation,compared to the latest relational database management systems.

 Migrating from one system to other advanced version may be quite simple and easy  as exporting from the old version and importing to the new, but chances are there that inherent risks are associated with them. Sometimes database migrations seems complex  and time consuming, but still, the ROI (Return On Investment ) will be on higher side with the new system. Before doing a data migration, companies should be well aware of the benefits that they are going to achieve after the migration. There are many tools available for database migration, also with a defined set of sql queries, data can be ported to a different database system. Porting of older systems like foxpro to oracle database for increased stability and increased volume handling, porting of mysql , access systems to oracle, porting of oracle, sqlserver databases to open source databases like mysql, postgre are the common database migrations taking place.

Database migrations are planned to meet the requirements of both your internal users and external customers. There are several steps in database migration starting from planning, testing, migration etc up to the verification of the data integrity and optimal performance of the system to operate worldwide and also  to be 24×7, and necessary tools and resources to complete it

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