Client Layer

Java client layers are the user interface programming language of Java which makes Java development easier  for user interfaces. There are standalone and browser based Client programming in Java with Frames and JFrames as the standalone java clients. Applets and JApplets can be executed as both standalone applications and can be run inside a browser. Frames and Applets are the Abstract Window Toolkit packages of Java and are executed using the native components of the operating system and JFrames and JApplets are called Swing. Swing runs using own java components through the Java Runtime environment. This ensures same look and feel for Swing components on all platforms.

Java Server Pages (Jsp) and Servlets are the other client programming languages in Java.
Jsp is the scriplet form of servlets. Jsps are compiled ultimately to servlets before the execution by the java compiler of application server. Jsp and Servlets are used as business layer also, in which Servlets are the widely used business layer.. According to MVC(Model View Controller ) architecture , Jsp is considered as the presentation layer.

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