Application Maintenance

Application performance has top most priority these days, as organization face tremendous customer demands and competitions in the entire business sector. Application maintenance is a challenging job for any software solution. Over a period of usage, the application may run out of performance due to unexpected problems .Based on user experience there could be suggestions for changes on the functionalities or mode of operation. Also for enterprise applications there may require emergency updates due to unexpected business requirements. All these come under software application maintenance namely preventive maintenance and scheduled maintenance. To avoid the following bottlenecks in the applications, continuous maintenance of the application should be properly ensured.

Preventive maintenance is performed based on the analysis of modules or product before it fails for effective operations. For example like Y2K issue or heavy user load on peak business hours, response based on new advertisements etc can be predicted earlier and necessary hardware and network support is ensured before a deadlock. Scheduled maintenance is routine maintenance done to a system like backup of obsolete data, removal of junk or temporary files, updation of patches of servers and operating systems etc done for the smooth execution of modules. Both preventive and scheduled maintenance are required for a systematic functioning of an enterprise system..

Maintaining a software application throughout its lifecycle is an important concern for many IT departments. Telious Technologies has proven methodologies for application maintenance and support providing right assistance and 24 hour support for keeping software in its best productivity.There are many underlying factors that need to be taken care of while providing an application. The constant support and maintenance services, of course, are top priority

Defect free system: We provide 100 % error free application to our clients all over the world. We understand the requirements at all user levels of our clients.

Technical and Functional expertise: We have the rich technology blended technical and functional expertise to maintain the scalability, stability and strategy of business processes to keep them abreast of the technological intervention. For this better application maintenance support team always ready to assist you.

Cost effective: The software models that we have delivered ensures cost effectiveness  in all ways, for its maintenance as the application is developed through constant analysis and research, for a solid frame work.

Flexible to change: The application maintenance services sometimes requires the system to under go sufficient changes  for the latest technological up gradations and new requirements.

 Our process frame work has been widely accepted by much enterprise from small even for large portfolio. We always track and suggest new developments and processes that need to be incorporated into the system to focus on core competencies. Telious has its experts always committed to maintain the long term support and maintenance for the applications delivered to our clients which always help to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership of the application.