Accounting and Inventory

Managing accounts and inventory is inevitable in any organization, even a small store to big retailers. Every organization today faces the rapid challenge of rising customer expectation and severe competition from all sides. In this scenario, concentrating more on internal business functions like maintain accounting records, track inventory, etc pose added confront to the business. The only way to tackle this is the use of best accounting and inventory management solutions which will certainly reduce costs, shorten the product development cycle, simplifying purchase and so on.

No matter how immense your business is, your accounting and inventory software should be both easy to use and dependable. A major problem faced by any enterprise is the inaccurate inventory estimate. Out of stock and over stocked items is a serious problem to your business growth. In the pursuit of business expansion, an consummate inventory management solution is crucial. It should provide the inventory information at any time at any point of location at the click of a button.

A feature rich accounting and inventory software should have the following features

Remain competitive

Defined inventory control is an essential factor for a successful organization. With your accounting and inventory software you should be placed at the top of your accounts and inventory control and category by providing information about the status of inventory with relate to color, size, code, style, numbers etc., the receipt of goods, its movement of inventory ,

Quick Decision Making

The software should generate real-time information reports of the accounts receivables, payments and reports on purchase, item pricing, sales policies etc for quick decision making

Complete Transparency

 Automated system of accounting process should give the company sufficient information and greater transparency into the day to day operations of business enterprise so that the company can maintain statutory compliance with the accounting standards.

 Ease of use

Most of the accounting softwares are designed with ease of use as a superior advantage so that the data can be entered by a little or no experience with correct accuracy. So the system should provide a single and recognizable user interface with accuracy and speed.

Telious, over years of experience and vast knowledge in the domain has provided the featured accounting and inventory application software that provides you with cutting edge tools to earn profits through automating you internal process of maintaining accounting ledgers and inventory control. Delivering solutions to a great number of clients spread across the world, our solutions are allied with your business goals of operational excellence. The software helps you track and control the inventory items for efficient planning and utilization of time and resources. It is possible to easily identify the inventory movement by date, time, by a purchase or a sale so that each transaction is flawlessly maintained.