Oracle 23ai

For businesses seeking dynamic and innovative applications, Oracle has unveiled Oracle 23ai. This advanced AI implementation is set to revolutionize next-generation business logic, offering unprecedented capabilities and efficiencies.

Power BI Java SDK

Microsoft Azure has released a dedicated SDK for Java, enabling seamless integration of Power BI reporting within Java applications.

iDempiere Synergy ERP

Experience unprecedented efficiency and flexibility with iDempiere's Synergy package, designed to meet the evolving needs of modern enterprises. Embrace the future of enterprise resource planning with our cutting-edge solutions.

Company features

Outsourcing Services

Simplifying the management of your enterprise with custom made java software solutions and services in spurt of your business growth. We always promise you personalized and customized support to improve the overall performance of your business and dedicated consulting for your complex IT infrastructure challenges through faster product lifecycle and also  better designed development process from analysis to delivery of the solution. We help you extract maximum value from your IT investments through a full choice of premium IT services.

Software Solutions

Driving the business  performance of your organization encompass many enterprise applications that align your various business needs. Providing software products that are true value added systems for companies,we make use of our rich human resources to maintain the seamless integration of product qualities and operational efficiency throughout solutions touching your various dimensions of life. We are committed to offer you end-to-end business solutions,always, for your immediate IT requirements through advanced software applications.

 Java Development

Delivering infrastructure optimization services with emerging technologies across industry, we always offer you solutions integrating supreme and updated technologies through Java. We bring in practical application of knowledge to innovative technology products that emerge from our immense technology offerings.You need to be technologically ready to take strategic challenges balancing technological as well as the  business requirements with concern for long term profitability and also sustained business growth of your company.