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Some critical factors have to be considered while choosing a database. Its

Simplicity and Ease of Use
Speed of execution and Concurrency
Query language support
Data integrity and Security
Backup and Recovery
Portability and Cost Factors

The facility for retrieving and manipulating data should be pretty simple. It should be irrespective of the volume of data involved, number of tables, relationship between tables etc. Another important factor is that a good database management system should provide multi-user support. Computational work at business enterprises has increased many folds comparing to previous times and single user systems are inadequate for today’s data management. Operations that carried out same time are called concurrent operations. A good database system’s performance should not be degraded with concurrent operations or with read and write of expected data volume. A database should understand and support Structured Query Language ( SQL), which is the universal choice of all modern database systems.

Database could be accessed all over the world through internet. The system should be reliable and consistent enough for access from any location at any time. While transporting the data on internet, not even a single data or record could be accessed by unauthorized persons or they could tamper the data. Encrypted data and connections also should be possible. Another vital factor in a database is its backup and recovery options which should be fast and incremental. The procedures should not be time consuming for a development firm or to an enterprise. Frequent backup options may hamper the performance of a database system. So the ease of recovery of current database is equally important.

For many reasons like change in operating platform, migration to higher version etc, portability may be required for an enterprise. Database should be flexible enough for portability. Telious which is having deep expertise in handling and migration of many database systems like Oracle , Mysql , Sql Server, Postgre sql etc is the right choice for your enterprise data management needs. We have a well trained team to analyze your requirement needs, do the job, test the system and deliver it to you in the shortest span of time.

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